Audio Visual Installation Preston

Ampec Ltd are highly experienced in the field of audio visual installation. Rapid developments in technology and the functions of AV equipment have made it difficult to properly install and operate devices. We are proud to offer professional assistance, including installation of equipment, technical advice and knowledge sharing so you can create an effective audio visual system.

audio visual installers preston

Our services are designed for businesses and public organisations who wish to incorporate various devices into a fully working system that offers their employees, inhabitants or visitors a range of benefits. We are happy to offer clients assistance with designing systems, including the positioning of devices, cabling options, input and output systems. Our professional knowledge allows us to help design systems that are not only affective but produce great results to suit client requirements and are cost effective.

Ampec Ltd strives to offer customers full support at all times during the initial design stages, throughout installation and after completion. We can help teach you and your employees how best to use your system. We also offer full support if you encounter any issues, offering repairs, servicing and upgrades if required. We will also happily help you expand and add to your system in the future.

Ampec Ltd believes in a continuous improvement of our services through close monitoring of product development and technological advancement. All technicians are highly proficient with devices from leading manufacturers and also possess knowledge of lesser known manufacturers. If you would like to arrange audio visual installation in Preston, Manchester or anywhere else in the North West of England please get in touch by calling 01257 271679.