Audio Visual Repairs Chorley

Ampec Ltd is a cabling and audio visual specialist. We provide a range of solutions for a diverse collective of customers in the North West of England including cabling for computer networks and telephone lines, installation of audio visual equipment and repairs of various types of AV equipment.

audio visual repairs chorley

Our aim has always been to provide affective audio visual repairs at great prices, saving customer’s money they would have spent on purchasing new replacement items and delivering value in terms of technical support and assistance. We can help you get the most out of your existing devices and equipment. At Ampec Ltd we stay up to date on technological advances and regularly learn new techniques that allow us to continue to offer repairs and support for our clients.

Our AV repair services include projectors, screens, digital signage systems, PA systems and all types of cabling. When repairing your items we use quality replacement parts and fully test the item to confirm it is safe to use and in full working order. Unfortunately some items are too damaged or prove too costly to repair. If this is the case we will suggest suitable replacements or upgrades to your system.

At Ampec Ltd all of our services are delivered with value in mind. We have grown over the years thanks to a continued improvement in our skills and through customer recommendations from private individuals and various sized companies and organisations. If you are interested in our audio visual repairs in Chorley or the North West please get in touch. We recommend calling us on either 01257 271679 or 07779 268224.