Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics

Why Use Fibre Optic Cabling?

Used primarily to link two communications cabinets together, optic fibre ensures that the link between the two cabinets is electrically isolated, this is important if the cabinets are housed in separate buildings.

Fibre also has the advantage over copper (Cat5e/CAT6) links in that there is less attenuation so the signals can be transmitted further and are less susceptible to interference.

Fibre offers a much greater bandwidth than copper so is ideal in high demand applications.

Two types of fibre in common use are Multimode and Single Mode fibres. Multimode is the most commonly used for data, telephone and audio visual transmissions, single mode is used in long distance communications (2000mtr-5000mtrs) and is very expensive.

fibre optic installations

Typical Drive Distances:

Fibre Type       Fast Ethernet     Gigabit Ethernet     10Gigabit Ethernet 
OM1                    300mtrs                   275mtrs                         26mtrs
OM2                    300mtrs                   550mtrs                         82mtrs
OM3                    300mtrs                   550mtrs                         300mtrs
OM4                                                         1100mtrs                       550mtrs

To connect a optic fibre to your system a media converter is required, these are supplied at the desired speed of your link usually 100Mbits or 1Gbits but can go beyond that to 10Gbits , 40 or even 100gbits.

What ever your requirement Ampec have over ten years experience in delivering the right product for your system.