Fibre Optics

Why use Fibre Optic Cabling?

As a business grows there will be a need to transmit more data and your cabling systems across your business will be required to expand to meet this demand. Whether this is datacentre link, a backbone within buildings or longer distances for campus networks, this is when Fibre optic cabling can offer an advantage over copper cabling (CAT5e/CAT6) It can be used for networks, telephones, broadband and CCTV.

Fibre optic cables consist of strands of pure glass which send data via light instead of electrical impulses. When using Fibre optic cabling there is increased security and safety, there is less attenuation so the signals can be transmitted over lengthy distances and it is less susceptible to interference which means reliable data transmissions. Fibre offers a much greater bandwidth than copper so it is ideal in high demand applications as it can carry high volumes of digital information with outstanding data transfer speeds and even though fibre optic cabling is made of glass, it is far less prone to damage than the alternative copper wire (CAT5e/CAT6) and so you’ll be future proofing your cabling.

Multimode (OM1/OM2/OM3) is the most commonly used for data, telephone and audio visual transmissions.

Our Fibre Optic services include –

On site terminations using fusion splicing

Fibre patch panels

Fibre containment systems

Breakdown and fault finding

Testing your Fibre Optic Cable using a (Optical time domain reflectometer) and providing a report with the test results.

fibre optic installations

Whatever your requirement Ampec have over 20 years experience in delivering the right product for your system.